Shaun Rosling is keeping it in the family with his job as senior support worker at ASC, the speciality services arm of Balhousie Health Care.

Shaun’s brother was also a support worker and Shaun first got a taste for social care when he would pay visits to the home his brother worked in.

“I’ve always worked in the area of behaviour that is perceived as challenging,” says Shaun, 35, who joined ASC six years ago. “There’s so much you can do. Being able to turn someone’s mood around is a good feeling.”

Apart from the personal satisfaction of working with adults with personality disorders, challenging behaviour and histories of mental health issues, Shaun finds that ASC works for him on a practical level. “I work my shift patterns so that I get every Friday off. They’ve been really accommodating with that.”

What advice does he have for people who want to get into this field of work? “You need to be able to brush things off. The guys living here can be realliy verbal.  You have to be a person that doesn’t take things too much to heart, someone with a positive outlook.”