On Tuesday the 20th of November the Oomph Bus took Bob, Gordon, Ann, Donald, Jim and his son John to the new Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee.  Everyone was impressed by the buildings structure from the outside, and enjoyed looking at the exhibitions on display in the Scottish Design Galleries, from the model of the Sir William Scott’s monument, to Natalie Portman’s costume, when she played Padme Amidala in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.  The costume was designed by Trisha Biggar who is from Glasgow.

After making our way round the exhibits, we then headed back down to the ground floor to enjoy some tea, coffee and cake in the café, and to discuss what we had seen.  The residents all enjoyed the museum, especially the stain glassed window, and the Rennie McIntosh display.  Ann especially enjoyed the trip, stating it as marvelous!