We Love to Boogie!  Antiquary residents dance the afternoon away at community event ‘BOOGIE IN THE BROATH’.

‘Boogie in the Broath’ is a fantastic event that is designed for senior adults who enjoy music, dancing and socialising. It’s also geared towards encouraging those who may have lost confidence in their senior years and helping motivate them to get out there and enjoy life.

The organisers and Jivin Jim, the DJ, have an extraordinary rapport with the attendees and go to great lengths to make sure everyone is included, involved and, mostly, getting up to dance and having great fun.

The ‘Boogie’ event started in Aberdeen 3 years ago and is now a popular event in over 17 venues throughout Scotland; the most recent being Arbroath.

The event started at 1pm in the afternoon with a soup and sandwich lunch and home bakes while Jivin’ Jim played some well-known tunes, and took requests, to get everyone in the mood.

Margaret, Anne, Cate and Aileen danced the afternoon away to Rock n Roll, Jive, Twist and Pop music while making lots of new friends.

Resident, Anne, who has restricted mobility, said she hadn’t moved so much for ages but that she just couldn’t help getting up and dancing, especially when they played her favourites; ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘The Time Warp’ and Tina Turner songs.  She certainly hasn’t forgotten the moves!

Margaret, a former avid line-dancer, loved the nifty footwork and was ablaze with energy throughout the afternoon.

Activities coordinator, Aileen, said she’s always thrilled when she witnesses our residents realising their potential and their hidden energy reserves.

The ladies said the disco atmosphere was brilliant and brought back such fantastic memories and they joked heartily about a good night’s sleep ahead!

Everyone is very much looking forward to next months ‘Boogie in the Broath’.