It’s amazing when a job positively influences our personal development, even outside of work.

Whether it’s by improving our confidence, giving us a sense of fulfilment or improving our levels of patience and empathy, if our job allows us to better ourselves, it makes it easier to get out of bed each morning.

On-the-job training, flexible working hours and career progression are all key aspects of jobs which can truly help us to develop personally, as well as professionally.

On-the-job training positions and career progression

Balhousie Care Group offers ongoing training and development right from the beginning of its employees’ journey within the organisation.

The group’s comprehensive training calendar covers everything from clinical essentials to wellbeing and leadership, with a chance to gain Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and more.

This means career progression – either through promotions, stepping into other roles at the same level, or even moving to a different Balhousie home – is not only possible, but deeply encouraged.

Balhousie Care Group offers young people wonderful opportunities to get their foot on the career ladder, from flexible carer jobs to office work, allowing them to learn on the go.

Dual duties and multiple roles at Balhousie Care

If working in one role can boost your confidence and growth as a person, imagine what working in two can do.

You’ll learn two sets of skills, network with different people and can possibly even apply what you learn in each job to the other.

That’s exactly what Megan Garden-Wright has done at Balhousie Alastrean in Tarland, Aberdeenshire, where she is an office administrator and cleaner.

Every story starts with you

She explains: “Cleaning the residents’ rooms lets me spend time with and meet people, so I can literally put a face to the names of the people on our files.

“And when it comes to talking to our relatives, it gives me a much better understanding of their loved ones and their situations.”

Megan Garden-Wright in her domestic role at Balhousie Alastrean

Megan was a little daunted by both roles at first; working at Balhousie was her second job since leaving school and she had never worked with older people before. But her growth has been undeniable.

She says: “I’m trying to improve my confidence and be more independent and working for Balhousie is definitely helping with that as it’s not the exact same staff and relatives each day.”

“Having my dual duties is adding to my experience. Working as the admin I’m involved with accountant roles, I’m starting to learn about payroll and also some human resources duties are involved so I’m gaining loads of experience.”

Flexible carer jobs with flexible hours

Flexible hours in any job are beneficial. Having extra time out of work can allow you to care for young children, complete a course or work on yourself in other ways.

Flexibility in working hours can also lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction while reducing stress and burnout.

At Balhousie, working three 12 hour shifts in a carer role a week means you have four days off to spend however you would like.

For Jade Matthew that means studying.

I do suffer with my mental health. Being on the computer and studying on those days off work has really helped with that.

When Jade started at Balhousie, she had standard grades but no highers.

With the encouragement of her home manager, however, she has gained her SVQ1 and SVQ2 in social services and health care in just two years, with hopes of becoming a nurse.

Jade Matthew outside Bahousie Luncarty

The flexible carer jobs at Balhousie means she can attenThe flexible carer jobs at Balhousie means she can attend an online access course at the University of the Highlands and Islands to build up credit for a nursing degree at the University of Dundee.

And having the extra time to study is not only good for her career progressions, but for her own wellbeing too.

“I do suffer with my mental health. Being on the computer and studying on those days off work has really helped with that,” she says.

When Jade begins her nursing degree, she plans to keep working at Balhousie Luncarty care home and, thanks to its flexible carer jobs, this will be possible.

“I just couldn’t leave it,” she says. “This job makes me feel so safe. I love the residents and the staff and I would hate to say goodbye to it.”

If these stories have inspired you, email or visit the Balhousie job board to see what your next career step could be.