As part of an exciting joint inter-generational project, children from Balgillo Nursery visit us here at Moyness Nursing Home each week to carry out activities with residents.  In preparation for our summer fayre, we have been making some fantastic canvas pictures together and we hope to have a stand set up at the summer fayre where these masterpieces can be sold.

Our Well Being Co-ordinator, Lynne McDowall, has been working closely with the Managers of Balgillo Nursery in the hope that this joint project will achieve positive relationships between the children and the residents.  As the weeks progress, staff can begin see a close bond building up and residents moods are lifted when the children are interacting with them.

Staff at the nursery have commented on how some children seem to be more confident when chatting to the residents and in return residents are smiling and happy when these conversations are taking place.

There seems to be no better way to teach children important lessons other than the children chatting to the residents and hearing about their life stories.  The children love to listen to the residents’ stories.  Not only do the residents engage with the children, they engage with each other more too with the help of the children.  Often some children are not lucky enough to have a relationship with a grandparent or an elderly person so this project can only be positive in teaching children about the respect they should have for their elders.

There are clear benefits for both the children and the residents such as improving low mood, combating loneliness, building confidence, improving language development and also confidence growing, says Lynne. “It’s a joy to watch our residents interact with the children and having so much fun.  The children have a way of brightening up the days for our residents”.