Antiquary residents David, Irene, Doreen, Rose and Margaret chose Brechin Castle Garden Centre as their destination for this month’s Oomph Wellness bus outing.

With everything in full bloom, the timing couldn’t have been better to view the beautiful displays of plants and flowers. The garden centre also hosts a fascinating collection of large and small garden ornaments, which had our day-trippers thoroughly intrigued.  Resident David was in awe and said he’d never seen anything like it.

Margaret, Rose and David were quick to point out how much work had gone into looking after all the flowers and plants as they recalled fond memories of when they used to tend their own flower gardens and vegetable plots.

After touring the gardens and displays, the residents enjoyed a relaxing lunch in the cafe. After lunch, resident Irene suggested that they go for ice lollies and everyone thought this was a great idea so it was back to the bus and onward to Edzell for lollies and a seat in the park.

Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the scenic trip and there were lots of comments on the beautiful green countryside so driver, David, suggested we complete our day with a scenic drive through Fettercairn and the Howe o’ the Mearns. Everyone agreed and even an extremely heavy downpour of rain didn’t dampen a wonderful day out.  By the time we arrived home the sun was waiting to greet us and everyone said they’d had a great day.