From flexibility to rapid career progression to support for their disabilities, our staff tell why they chose Balhousie Care.

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‘the most fulfilling part of the experience, for both students and residents, was discovering more about the world from the other’s perspective.’

Activities Coordinator at Balhousie Luncarty, and University of the Highlands and Islands Health and Social Care department tutors, liaised to create intergenerational sessions for students and residents. 

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“I love passing on what I’ve learned – there’s no better feeling.”

Daniel Inglis’ love for his job as head chef extends beyond the workplace – into community work and helping children in foster care. Along the way he’s spreading the message that a career in care is extremely rewarding.

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“This is hugely important work”

Grace Stewart was working in hospitality when, on the advice of a colleague, she took a chance on care. That was 11 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. 

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“I like interacting with the residents. The care sector is where I want to be.”

Teigan Cruickshanks was 16 with dreams of being a beauty therapist when she found her real calling. After working part-time in one of our care home kitchens, she is on the path to a career in care. 

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“No two days are the same and it’s so rewarding”

Harry Page had never even considered working in care. Then he tried it, via the Kickstart employment scheme. And now he’s hooked.

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“It’s because of our team that it works so well”

In the two years the country’s care homes have been dealing with the COVID pandemic, one set of key workers have proved invaluable – and yet too often overlooked. Balhousie Care Group’s teams of domestics have been crucial in preventing the spread of infection in homes.

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The care home worker who splits her time between two roles

Megan Garden-Wright is an office administrator with a difference; she does double duty as a cleaner in the same premises. And the fact that she works in a care home means that Megan’s dual role serves her well.

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“There’s so much more to being a carer than people think”

Jade Matthew started in care straight out of school when she was 16. Today she is preparing to follow a childhood dream and become a nurse.

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“I’ve never been in a rewarding job until this one.”

Everything about Alex Jones’s career has screamed action, adventure and the outdoors, from army manoeuvres in the former Yugoslavia to abseiling down the side of oil rigs in the North Sea. But nothing has given him more satisfaction than working in care.

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When working with challenging behaviours can offer the greatest personal rewards

It might be intense but it’s also rewarding says specialist care support worker Kerrie Nevin.

“There is nowhere quite like ASC in Scotland at the moment,” says Kerrie Nevin of her employer ASC. “It is literally the only unit of its kind.”

ASC is an advanced specialist care unit based in Balbeggie, Perthshire where Kerrie, 34, is a Senior Support Worker. Every day she works with people with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Her job itself is one of the most challenging care roles out there, but she believes it can also be one of the most rewarding.

“Here the care provided is less clinical and focused on enabling individuals to live as independently as possible,” said Kerrie of ASC, which consists of three purpose-built units, a converted hotel and – a few miles away in Coupar Angus – specialist bungalows “Beyond ASC, the closest option is a hospital environment. Many of our residents have had to travel from all over Scotland to come to our unit.”

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“I wanted to do something to make my children proud.”

Sarah-Louise Neilson knew she wanted to do something to make her children proud. A trained nurse, she now manages our care home in Crieff. 

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“Joining Wheatlands after I retired was like coming home.”

When May Reid retired from the NHS after 26 years in 2019, she wasn’t ready to stop working completely. In fact, she knew exactly where she wanted to be – back at the place where it all began for her as a nurse, Balhousie Wheatlands.

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“For a nurse there is so much more opportunity for progression.”

Mairead O’Connor learned from an early age to socialise with people with learning disabilities just like she would anyone else.

Her mother was a learning disabilities nurse so she grew up accustomed to having her mum’s patients stop by and play. “I grew up with that and so I wanted to do that too,” she says.

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At 80, this Activities Coordinator is older than many of her residents! She's #bustingthemyths on lots of fronts.

Most people when they reach their eighties are thinking about slowing down, but not Liz Thomson.

Busting many myths along the way, Liz leads the events calendar in our busy Huntly care home.

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"We have the right blend of management and clinical experience to run a great home"

As the new manager at Balhousie Antiquary care home in Arbroath, Cheryl Roy is using her wealth of management experience to create a supportive environment for staff and residents.

Having worked across Balhousie Care Group in various roles, from PA to the Chairman, Tony Banks, to project-based roles supporting the operations team, Cheryl has been able to hit the ground running in her first permanent home manger position in the business.

Traditionally, people with a clinical background, such as nurses, tend to be appointed managerial roles in care homes, but Cheryl hopes her experience will inspire people to think differently about what it takes to excel in this type of role in the care sector.

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Age has never been a barrier for this rising star

At age 18, Savanna Henvey joined the team at Balhousie Stormont Lodge as a Carer. Fast forward five years and she’s Deputy Manager.

Like so many teenagers, when Savanna Henvey left school she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. When she saw that her local care home in Blairgowrie was recruiting, she decided to apply for a job.

“At the time, I didn’t know if working as a carer was for me,” said Savanna. “But, very quickly I got really into it. I was like a duck to water and really loved the work.”

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"Being able to provide support, and being there for all families living with Huntington’s Disease, is so important to me"

Lindsay Wilson is a Huntington’s Disease (HD) Specialist with Scottish Huntington’s Association who regularly works with the team at Balhousie Rumbling Bridge in the Perthshire home’s specialist HD unit.  To mark Huntington’s Awareness Month, Lindsay shares her career path, experiences of working with people living with HD, why she’s passionate about raising awareness of the disease and her advice for those interested in working in this field of specialist care.

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Care home nursing ticks all the boxes for this single mum

When Debbie O’Reilly started working for Balhousie Care Group, it was for the love of nursing in a care home environment.

Eight years later, she still wouldn’t swap it for a hospital or doctor’s surgery setting. And now that she’s a single mum, Debbie finds it suits her lifestyle perfectly. “There’s always something to keep me motivated, and every day I’m learning new things,” says Debbie, Clinical Lead at Balhousie Moyness care home in Dundee. “But it also gives me the flexibility I need as a single working mum.”

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Gavin's disabilities made it a challenge to find work after losing his job during the pandemic. Thanks to Balhousie Care he found not only support but a whole new career

After Gordon Fowler found himself out of work during the pandemic, an opportunity at one of our care homes proved exactly the career change he needed.  

After a long career in engineering and production, he's finding that he loves his new job supporting people - and wishes he'd started in the care sector sooner.

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