Feedback tablet and being used by a Home Manager

You’ve seen the little signs on lorry bumpers with a telephone number, asking how they’re driving? Well, at Balhousie Care we’re going a little more hi-tech with our requests for feedback.

In each of our homes and the Perth Head Office, you’ll find a digital tablet on a stand, with a wee welcome mat, ready and waiting to find out how your experience has been. They’re for residents, staff, relatives and friends, all visitors. Feedback tablets in each Balhousie home and office shows how serious we are about our commitment to continuous improvement.

We’re encouraging everyone to use the tablets whenever they can, so we can find out how they feel about their home and how it’s run. The more feedback we get, the more we can understand each home’s needs.

There’s also a poster around each home with a QR code. When you scan it with your phone camera, it takes you to the feedback questions too, without having to use the tablet if that’s preferred.

Here’s some information below to explain how and why the tablets are being used. 

Why are we asking for feedback? To hear about how everyone involved with Balhousie Care feels about their home and workplace.

Who can use them? Everyone. Staff, residents, friends and family.

What are the questions about? Everything. Care, work, food, décor – all sorts over time.

Are they the same questions for everyone? No. When you start, the first question will ask whether you’re staff, relative, resident or visitor. The following questions will be specific to your answer.

Will the tablets always be in the same place? No. The stations were chosen to be mobile so they can be moved around homes – especially the larger ones – and make sure we’re getting feedback from everyone we can.

Can they be answered anonymously? Yes. Or you can tell us who you are. Whatever you prefer.

When is it due to end? It’s not. This is an ongoing activity so we can keep improving.

Will the questions get changed? Yes. Questions will be reviewed and changed as needed.

What will happen to the answers? The answers will be collated regularly and fed back to the Home Managers, Operations and Quality Team to pinpoint any areas for focus.

Can we give feedback any other way? Yes. You can use the QR code on the posters around the home, or email – it’s confidential and email addresses will not be shared.

When you’re going into one of Balhousie Care Homes, give it a go! It only takes a few minutes and we’d love to know what you think.