As you know, we have been continuing window visits at our homes whilst indoor visits are suspended. With immediate effect, the number of people who can visit a resident has doubled from one to two, for up to 10 minutes. These must both be from the same household.

Window visits can last up to 10 minutes and can be booked through our online booking system.  As always, if you have any questions please do contact your Home Manager.

We are delighted to report that COVID-19 vaccination of our residents has been running very smoothly and that vaccination has taken place now in all of our homes. However, while this is an important and exciting step towards the resumption of safe in-home visits, vaccinations are only one of the steps required to ensure this happening. Regular testing, first-class infection prevention and control, and vaccination of family members will also play their part.

Our staff continue to work relentlessly to keep your loved one happy and safe, entertained and stimulated. One thing that is always appreciated is a note or word of thanks. Thank you to all who have written cards and emails, called our homes or left positive reviews on It really does make a difference to our Everyday Heroes.

Please do continue to make the most of our communication channels: telephone, Skype, email, our social media channels and weekly relatives’ newsletter.

Yours sincerely,

Sheilah Harvey

Head of Operations