Lynne McDowall, Well Being Co-ordinator at Moyness Nursing Home, recently came across an interesting page on Facebook called “Postcards for Kindness”.  This project allows individuals from all over the country to send and receive postcards.

The project has been ongoing for some time now and Lynne thought it would be a great idea for Moyness to join the group so that residents, who are suffering from loneliness, depression and/or anxiety, could write and also receive postcards.  It has been proven that this project allows individuals to feel wanted and appreciated. Not only that, it triggers all sorts of memories from different places that people have visited over the years.

Lynne said: “This has been a fantastic project for our residents to be part of.  Not only do they like helping to write postcards, they also enjoy going out a walk to post them in the local post box and the look on their faces when they receive a postcard back is amazing”.

In addition to postcards being received from people all over the world, the local nursery children – who visit on a weekly basis – have enjoyed writing an individualised postcard to all our residents.  Some of the places the postcards have been received from are USA, Malta, Madeira, Pitlochry, East Kilbride and Blackpool.   “The joy and happiness that these postcards have brought is something that will be treasured,” says Lynne.