North Inch - staff in Irish dress

There can’t be too many parts of the globe that don’t know what special day it is today. Saint Patrick’s Day is actually the death date of the foremost patron saint of Ireland, but nowadays, 17 March is pretty much the celebration of everything Irish. Parades, special food, music and dance, drinking and tonnes of green… not least across Balhousie care homes.

In Balhousie Clement Park, Dundee, Bill has been busy creating special shamrock-decorated good luck cards – painting by hand – for every resident!  There are supersized shamrocks out in force at Balhousie Brookfield, in Carnoustie – so big you could hide behind them!

Meanwhile, at Balhousie Wheatlands, Bonnybridge, the best part about St. Patrick’s day is the chance to have a good old sing-song. And maybe watch a bit of Michael Flatley and Riverdance!

At Balhousie North Inch in Perth, it was an excuse for dressing up, complete with ginger fuzzy beards, green top hat and shamrock garlands. From supersized shamrocks, to giant leprechauns!

Leprechauns are commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Known as little tricksters who hid gold coins in pots at the end of rainbows, like the four-leaf shamrock, legend has it that leprechauns were lucky if you caught one. They grant three wishes to set them free!

Between pots of gold and wishes, we should all head over to Balhousie North Inch and nab ouselves a not-so-little green man!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all!