Residents at Balhousie Forth View are celebrating the opening of the home’s in-house pub – the Back n’ Forth.

The bar, set up in one of the Methil home’s lounges, is designed to help residents maintain an active social life.

As well as serving drinks and snacks, it will host events like dominoes and darts competitions, adding to the home’s already packed activities programme.

The brainchild of Wendy Parker, Team Leader, the pub opened its doors this month, and the residents are already loving their new local.

“I just had an epiphany one day,” Wendy explained.

“It was a room that was wasted and full of junk, but we cleared it and had the bright idea of creating a bar for them.

“We’ll do race nights, dominoes, darts competitions – things that will help stimulate the residents and will be fun for them.”

As well as providing activities for the residents, the Back n’ Forth will also be a place for them to spend quality time with their family and friends.

And according to Wendy, they’re excited about the prospect of having a pub in their home.

“There are a few who have been desperate to order their pints,” she added.

“They’re more engaged because they know it’s free!

“It’s going to have a positive impact on them. It can trigger memories, help them build relationships, and hopefully their families will come in too.”

We’ll drink to that!

Take a look for yourself here.