Residents at Balhousie Coupar Angus care home are ‘stepping’ back in time with a specially designed sensory corner celebrating music and dance.

When Dementia Services Facilitator Cheryl Banks set to work transforming space in the home’s dementia wing, she sought the help of Groucho’s record shop in Dundee.

Groucho’s, an iconic seller of vinyl, donated scores of old singles which now decorate a wall in the Perthshire home. The other wall features a decal of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Cheryl and the Coupar Angus maintenance team added a jukebox and boxes of instruments to complete the space.

Cheryl said: “It’s turned into something not just fun but cognitively enhancing. We know that music and dance has a relaxing effect, and that’s really important for our residents, particularly those with dementia. It also sparks memories. Added to that, Fred and Ginger themselves are encouraging our residents to get up and exercise!”