A group of our care homes would like to thank the Dundee Weavers Association for generously supplying three of our homes with 1000 face masks.

Dundee Weavers member Sandra Thomson, along with Bob Lowe and Alistair Scott, delivered 10,000 masks across the area with 40 going to Moyness, 400 to St Ronans and 200 to North Inch North Grove in Perth.

Bob used some trade contacts in China to source the protective equipment after fundraising to buy face masks. The Weavers plans to fundraise to purchase more face masks.

Sandra, Bob and Alistair also very kindly delivered to face visors from Masks for Scotland who had 10 visors for each home as well which the homes were delighted to receive.

The Dundee Weavers Association knows the teams at Moyness and St Ronans as they have been attendees at tea parties run by the Weavers. Dundee Weavers also provided the loom for the Bahousie tartan, launched at North Inch North Grove in 2019.