Evelyn Stewart, resident at Forth View care home had a very vivid dream last Thursday night, dreaming that she had gotten her ears pierced.  On waking Evelyn realised this had only been a dream and mentioned it to some of our care team during their daily chat.  On hearing Evelyn’s story, of course we had to make her dream come true!  The team put their heads together and arranged a day trip into town for Evelyn to go and get her ears pierced just as she had dreamt.

When Friday came, off Evelyn and her husband went, along with April who knew just the right place to take them.  Evelyn chose a lovely small pair of sparkly earrings as her first ever pair.  She was so happy and after getting them in Evelyn couldn’t wait to show them off round town.  The day was finished off with sharing a hot drink and slice of cake together at their local coffee shop.  Evelyn is already planning her next piercing!