Residents at Balhousie Luncarty took part in a game of Giant Kerplunk.

Residents at Balhousie Luncarty pitted their wits against each other as they took on a board game favourite – with a twist.

Home Manager Louise Anderson and Senior Carer Leonna Wabnik came up with the idea of creating a giant version of the much-loved Kerplunk.

The game involves marbles suspended in a tube by a lattice of sticks, which are taken away one by one. The player who causes the fewest marbles to fall wins.

There was great excitement among the staff and residents, and it turned into a highly competitive game.

As well as providing a welcome opportunity for the residents to socialise and enjoy exercise, activities such as games also aid their mental health and physical wellbeing.

Carla McCorquodale, Activities Coordinator at Luncarty, said: “The residents had a great time playing Giant Kerplunk.

“The benefits the residents got from playing the game were improved cognitive abilities including memory recall, reaction time, problem solving and logical reasoning, as well as socialisation and communication skills.”