Ahmad Kanzua has worked as an accountant, in hotels and restaurants and as a salesman – but nothing captured his heart quite like a job at ASC.

Caring for his grandfather lit a fire within Ahmad, who started his journey by volunteering at a camp in the US for young people with autism and learning disabilities.

It gave him a taste of what he truly loves, and upon moving to Scotland, joined ASC, part of Balhousie Care Group, where he is now a Senior Support Worker.

“The experience made me realise the interconnectedness we all share,” Ahmad explained. “We all need each other, and one day I might need help, too.”

From his very first day at ASC, Balhousie’s specialist facility for adults with diagnosed learning disabilities and who experience stress and distress, Ahmad knew it was different to every role he had held before.

“When I initially joined Balhousie, I expected it to be similar to other places I had worked, but I was mistaken,” he said.

“From the beginning, I felt like part of a family, receiving support in every aspect, especially during times when my English proficiency was not strong.

“The team were always dedicated to teaching me more and motivating me.”

Ahmad has found a home at ASC’s Sidlaw View Bungalows. “I genuinely love working for Balhousie – the unwavering support they provide to both staff and service users.”

Ahmad and ASC are clearly a perfect fit; he was recently a finalist in the Frontline Leader category at the Housing with Care Awards, part of an effort which saw the Bungalows team win one award and nominated for two more.

Key to Ahmad’s success, he believes, is a desire to always seek to improve.

“I approach each day as an opportunity to learn,” he explained. “By continuously developing my skills, I aim to provide better care than ever before.”

With his kindness and passion for care, it’s little surprise Ahmad will continue to be a hugely popular figure at ASC for years to come.