Luncarty - resident cooking steak in the kitchen

When we say it’s part of the Balhousie philosophy that our fabulous residents drive their own decisions – we mean in every way possible, including not only choosing, but cooking their own birthday dinner!

Balhousie Luncarty resident, Gilbert Grier, celebrated his 73rd birthday recently. When staff had asked Gilbert beforehand what he would like to have for his special birthday meal, he knew straight away.  “I’d love steak and chips!” Gilbert answered immediately.

In his working days, Gilbert was a very talented chef and is very particular about how he likes his food to be cooked. So, staff at the Perthshire care home suggested he might want to cook the steak himself, to his own preference. He was delighted.

Joining Chef Myles in the kitchen, Gilbert sizzled up his own culinary treat. Followed by cake, candles and presents, he had a wonderful day. The smiling face says it all.

Happy birthday from all of us Gilbert!