When one of our Activities Coordinators offered to help a resident clean up an ornament, little did she know she’d get a fascinating insight into his past.
Angela Baird of Balhousie Monkbarns takes up the story:
“Every day really is a school day at Monkbarns! I find it charming speaking to your loved ones. The stories they have to tell, their memories and the history attached to them. I’m always learning something. (I hope they enjoy my company as much as I do theirs.)
“This morning I enjoyed some one to one time with resident Ian, who told me a fascinating story attached to this beautiful ornament that we decided to polish up before returning it to its pride of place.
“This gorgeous globe rotates on a pin and opens up to display a clock and the other side a picture of a proud man in uniform… Ian himself. Ian acquired this unusual piece whilst in Germany where he was on duty at one his many postings.
“The unusual part of history attached to this globe is that it does not have Britain on it – because whilst at war, Germany wouldn’t want that.
“What a great history lesson, and a moment of pride for Ian.”