Older lady with long bearded biker

Local Dundee-based Harley Davidson motorbike group, the Black Cherries have always caused quite a stir when they drop in to Balhousie Care Homes on Easter Sunday, to deliver chocolate eggs to residents, in fact it’s part of the Easter tradition.

This year it was St Ronan’s, Dundee and Balhousie Coupar Angus.
Their visit to the homes was part of their Easter Egg Ride to a several Balhousie Care Homes across Tayside and Perth.

The ‘chapter’ enjoy taking part in many charity and community events annually, but particulalrly enjoy delivering Easter Eggs to a number of Care Homes in Perthshire, saying:

“It is a favourite of ours to get to the care homes every year at Easter, and see the residents so happy having their picture taken and getting a seat on the bikes.”

Said St Ronan’s Home Manager, Sheryl Cruickshanks: “We love that the Black Cherries visit has become such an enjoyable tradition. It’s thanks to our Activities Coordinator Paula Balfour, who has family connections to the group.”

Paula Balfour, Activities Co-ordinator at St Ronan’s, is a member of the Black Cherries and organises their annual visit to deliver the chocolate goodies to residents.

Paula said: “The Black Cherries always have a great time visiting the various care homes every Easter. It is always fantastic seeing the residents’ faces when they see and hear the Harleys’ arrive. They always enjoy hearing about the bikers’ travels, seeing the motorbikes up close, sometimes getting on the back, and the chocolate eggs are always a hit!”

This year it was Lilly from Coupar Angus and Dougie from St.Ronan’s who looked the bees-knees astride the Harley, while veteran St Ronan’s resident, Barbara, settled for a hug with a biker this time around.

Thank you Black Cherries!