For International Nurses’ Week we’re talking to our brilliant nurses about working in the private care sector.

Name: Yusiny Joungaye Home

Care Home: Balhousie Pitlochry

Job Title: Registered Nurse

What do you love most about being a nurse? “I love being a nurse because it is so rewarding to be able to make a difference in the life of others. It is such a beautiful feeling to look into someone’s eyes and see the window to their soul by just a caring touch or word. There is a tangible satisfaction in helping others achieve their goal.”

What is the biggest thing you learned during the pandemic? “I have learned three major things during this pandemic: the importance of family, of team work, and the value of life. During the pandemic I witnessed individuals not being able to connect with their loved ones how they would wish to, such as being able to hug, touch or being close enough to them to enjoy each other’s company. It was heart breaking but it needed to be that way so everyone could be safe. However, alternative measures for social contact for relatives to stay connected were in place.

“Team work was needed strongly during this time in order for the best care to be delivered and for the mental stability of staff. Being able to work smoothly as a team and knowing that I had colleagues to turn to for support to get through all my shifts brought about some form of joy and a settled mindset.

“Life is precious. During this pandemic, continuous emphasis was placed on staying safe and the proper use of PPE to keep ourselves and others safe in other to beat this virus and preserve life itself. This pandemic has taught me to love more, listen more, continue to respect and help others.”