Balhousie Willowbank has been spruced up thanks to a kind local artist, who stepped in to spread joy to the residents.

The residents of the Carnoustie home asked if a fence in the garden could be decorated – and Fleur, a local painter, generously obliged.

Now, instead of a plain wooden fence, the view from the home now shows beautifully-painted beach scene in bright colours.

Mandy Grant, Activities Coordinator at Willowbank, said: “We all love the mural, and we’re so grateful to Fleur for coming to paint it for us.

“The residents really enjoying looking at it, and it’s a great talking point for everyone – especially visitors to our home.”

Viewing art is proven to bring benefits for older adults.

As well as looking fantastic, it’s also been shown to stimulate the senses, as well as improving thinking skills.

It also encourages conversation, helping residents stay socially active.