A group of care home residents are taking centre stage on TikTok as they prove that age is no barrier for the popular dance app.

Since closing their doors to non-essential visits back in March, staff at Balhousie Care Group have been lifting each other’s spirits and having lots of laughs creating and sharing TikTok videos. These up-lifting and often hilarious multiple-step dances the TikTok app is well known for have become known internally as the Balhousie TikTok Challenge.

Since March, residents have also been joining the challenge and proved they have just as good moves as the staff. With a perception that TikTok is for young people, these fun-loving residents are busting the myths around what life can be like for the older generation.

The residents featured include Jean Anderson, living at Balhousie Coupar Angus, who cannot stop laughing when trying to complete a short dance routine with carer Stephanie Duncan. Balhousie St Ronans resident Irene Petrie brilliantly channels Dolly Parton by depicting her most famous hit, 9 To 5. And Gordon Anderson at the end of the video keeps up with the moves of team at Balhousie Monkbarns, as well as many more residents taking on a daring TikTok.

Jill Kerr, Group Chief Executive Officer At Balhousie Care Group, said:

“It is wonderful to see our residents joining in on the Balhousie TikTok Challenge which has brought so much laughter and joy across our care homes. They certainly prove that dancing is not just for the young. Over the past few months the work our staff have done to keep each other’s spirits up, as well as our residents, in such difficult times has been incredible.”

Watch the residents’ star turns in a TikTok compilation here: