The residents of Balhousie North Inch and North Grove put their best feet forward as they took part in a sponsored walk.

On a beautiful summer day, both homes laced up their walking shoes and headed out onto Perth’s North Inch to raise money for the residents’ comfort fund.

They were joined by staff, relatives and even a few furry friends, who came along for the ride.

They walked and wheeled two laps of the North Inch, stopping to enjoy the lovely views of the River Tay – as well as a well-earned ice cream.

So far, they have raised nearly £1,700, which will go towards the visit of therapy animals to the homes, as well as other activities and equipment to benefit the residents.

Mima Hird, Activities Coordinator at North Inch, said: “It was lovely that everyone was able to get involved and get out onto the North Inch for the day.

“We’ve had so many of the residents and relatives saying they loved it and can’t wait for the next one – whenever it is!

“All the money will go towards things which will improve the residents’ quality of life – and it’s worth the effort when you see how much pleasure they get from it.”

The money has already been put to good use, with a group of therapy ponies getting ready to visit the homes this week.

Check out the best pictures from the sponsored walk in the gallery below!