Residents at Rumbling Bridge have been writing to children at a local primary school

Residents at Balhousie Rumbling Bridge have been building bonds with some new pen pals: the pupils at a local primary school.

Children in P6/7 at Fossoway Primary in Crook of Devon sent letters to the residents, who then replied with letters of their own telling the youngsters what life was like when they were at school.

Through their letters they have built intergenerational friendships with the class, who are now planning to visit the home in person.

Melissa Hatt, Activities Coordinator at Rumbling Bridge, said: “We’ve loved reading all the children’s letters and writing back to tell them what life was like when the residents were at school.

“It’s great to make connections with the community, and we are looking forward to the children visiting us soon to tell us about what they have been learning recently.”

There are two-way benefits to partnerships between schools and care homes. Numerous studies have shown that having children around care homes helps boost residents’ confidence, increases communication and improves memory.

Seniors also make great listeners and are able to give children their full attention, which is not always possible in the classroom. They can pass on wisdom, while research shows children who regularly interact with older people have improved reading and social skills. It can also teach children empathy and understanding.