“My father joined Rumbling Bridge at a time he needed support and so did I. I can’t express my feelings and my father’s since he has called Rumbling Bridge his home and my additional home…Staff are kind and pleasant, always aware of his and my needs.”

– Son of resident

“Almost immediately, Mum’s health and sense of well-being started to improve, due to the constant tender care she received.”

– Daughter of resident

“The home has the most amazing setting, it’s relaxing and comforting.”

– Resident

“My mum has dementia and we have good days and not so good days, but the staff really work hard at supporting her in a very person centred way.”

– Daughter of resident

“It is always nice to visit and spend quality time with my mum and to know too that if they have any concerns regarding her health I will be contacted immediately.  To style testimonial text like this, you don’t need to do anything! I still feel very involved in Mum’s care.”

– Daughter of resident