“Mum has only been treated with kindness and compassion by all the staff, whether its the care staff taking time for a chat and laugh with her or the nursing staff tending to her medical needs. From the manager down, we know we can discuss any problems/queries we may have regarding Mum and it is so reassuring to know the door is always open!”

– Daughter of resident

“Having to put my mother into care was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my life. However, I believe this is the closest thing to home for her.”

– Daughter of resident

“The care manager and all of the staff have been amazing in welcoming mum and have been incredibly supportive to me in coming to terms with this difficult decision. They have facilitated phone conversations with mum on almost a daily basis and have kept me informed by email. There is a super relatives’ Facebook option to see what daily life is like for all the residents. I cannot thank the staff enough for all their care and support.” – Daughter of resident

“Dad is very happy with how he is being looked after and has told us he will not move!”

– Daughter of resident

“As pleasant a place to be during this period of a person’s life, with friendly and helpful staff who are always there to assist, chat or ‘just be nice’.”

– Son of resident

“Our friend had been very unwell for a long time before agreeing to become a resident in Ruthven Towers. The difference in her well-being now, is nothing short of extraordinary. She has a beautiful, well-appointed room… All the staff we have met, from the manager, all the way through the team of carers, nurses, cleaners etc, have been so very helpful, caring and extremely pleasant. We are delighted that our friend is very happy and well cared for and that she has settled so well into her home in Ruthven Towers.”

– Friend of resident