Hard-working staff at one of Scotland’s leading residential care home providers have found a fun way to keep each other’s spirits up during the Coronavirus Crisis by challenging each other to perform TikTok dances.

The Balhousie TikTok Challenge has been captivating colleagues, residents and relatives at Balhousie Care Group over the past few weeks as brave teams across the company’s 26 care homes have shared short multiple-step dances the TikTok app is well known for on Balhousie’s social media platforms.

The videos have proved at hit with staff, residents and their families, reaching thousands of people online and bringing much needed light relief in what has been a challenging time where non-essential visits have been suspended across the care homes during the current national lockdown.

The hilarious dances have varied from the kitchen team at Balhousie Wheatlands in Bonnybridge dancing dressed as eggs and bacon to a synchronised and slightly off-balance group dance from Balhousie Glens in Edzell.

However, one team has run away with the challenge after producing several brilliant short videos of both staff and residents full of joy inside their home. Balhousie Antiquary’s TikTok videos, including a YMCA tribute and their own dance accompaniment to Queen’s We Will Rock You, have captured the warmth and spirit of the staff across Balhousie Care Group.

Cheryl Roy, Interim Manager at Balhousie Antiquary, was behind the very first TikTok videos to come from the care homes. She said: “Keeping my team and residents’ spirits high is really important right now and having fun is such a big part of that. Making these videos give us all a boost at Balhousie Antiquary and it’s been great seeing our videos inspire other homes across Balhousie take part and rise to the TikTok challenge.”

Videos have come from several homes since Antiquary began the challenge including St Ronans in Dundee, Pitlochry, Huntly as well as Wheatlands and the Glens.