Joy filled Alastrean House when two gorgeous miniature Shetland Ponies called Flicker and Wilson came to visit on the 22nd March. The residents couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces while the two fluffy wee ponies did the rounds around the care home, taking time to say hello to each and every resident.

Resident Pat couldn’t believe how gentle and well behaved they were. “I could sit and cuddle them all day!” she said.

​Some of the benefits of animal-assisted activities include reduced blood pressure, lowered anxiety and stress levels, stimulates the release of endorphins which help people feel good- especially important for people who are feeling depressed or isolated, encourages exercise and movement to help increase muscle strength, joint mobility, balance and coordination, stimulates memories and improves communication, social and perceptual skills.

Resident Iain who was feeling a little sad and unsettled that particular morning really perked up after meeting Flicker & Wilson, at one point he couldn’t stop laughing!!

All the residents agreed that they would love for Flicker and Wilson to come back for another visit soon!!