Wheatlands - resident arts and craft

After the build up and frenzy of activity for the festive period, January, to some, can be a dark, dull month can’t it?

Many race off into ‘dry Januaries’, diets, new verve for fitness to brighten it up. But to others it can be a restorative spell – bit like hibernation time: a desire to batten down the hatches, wrap up cosy, rest and reflect with relaxing pastimes, all dormouse-like.

A number of Balhousie homes have been embracing this quiet time, kicking back for a little ‘R&R’ and indulging in hushed diversions. At Balhousie Clement Park in Dundee they’ve taken to jigsaw puzzles and cards – although there was some suspicion of a little double dealing, or cheating going on! At Balhousie Antiquary in Arbroath, the recreation of choice – dominoes – demanded a little more concentration, while at Balhousie North Inch, Perth, and Balhousie Wheatlands, Bonnybridge, they got a little more crafty: knitting, basket weaving, and designing and creating their own mosaics.

If winter demands that we slow down, retreat to our nests and enjoy simple pleasures, then our wonderful residents have got that down to a tee!