An interest in birds has brought together care home resident Margaret and five-year-old Abbie, and kept alive the strong intergenerational links the home has with its local community.

s our staff nurse Vikki Wilsons daughter, she goes to Craighalbert Centre in Cumbernauld. She is 5 yrs old and has cerebral palsy. Margaret is a resident at Wheatlands.

Abbie Wilson is a pupil at Craighalbert Centre in Cumbernauld. She was given the bird feeder as part of her a school project and took it outside to see how many different birds she could see, marketing them in a book.

Abbie, daughter of Vikki Wilson, a staff nurse at Balhousie Wheatlands care home in Bonnybridge, then donated the feeder to the home, where resident Margaret painted it.

The birdfeeder now hangs outside with several others, for Wheatlands residents to enjoy.