It’s our people who make Balhousie Care Group amazing – the Everyday Heroes who are as committed to our four company values as we are. They share their stories here.

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“I love passing on what I’ve learned – there’s no better feeling.”

Daniel Inglis’ love for his job as head chef extends beyond the workplace – into community work and helping children in foster care. Along the way he’s spreading the message that a career in care is extremely rewarding.

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“It’s just a fantastic place to work”

“Every day you’re learning something,” says Jill, a care assistant in one of our Perthshire homes. She loves the flexibility of her work, and the atmosphere. “It’s a small home and very family orientated. It’s just a fantastic place to work.”

“My whole job is about fun”

Paula is a carer turned activities coordinator in one of our popular Dundee homes. She epitomises Balhousie Care Group’s person-centred approach to care, which allows residents to have an input on as much as possible. “We don’t believe in planned activities,” she says. “We ask them what would they like to do.”

“I feel very much part of the family”

Gillian has a job title to envy; she is Wellbeing Coordinator to residents at one of our Perthshire homes. As well as “lots of training” and a strong feeling of community, Gillian loves the extra opportunities that come with working at Balhousie Care. She chose to become one of the group’s Dementia Ambassadors, who disseminate the company policy on dementia to care home staff. .

“You look after these people just like you would your own”

Debbie, Clinical Lead Nurse at one our popular homes in Tayside, loves that she gets to know each resident and their needs individually. Working in elderly care has many moments to treasure, she says: “Going on trips with them, it’s like seeing things for the first time. It’s wonderful.”

“For men considering a career in care, Balhousie is a great opportunity”

Senior Carer Harry loves that he’s in the minority in a predominantly female occupation. “You’re bringing diversity and balance to the team,” he says.

“The most rewarding thing is meeting different people”

As a Wellbeing Coordinator, Gillian keeps residents happy, relaxed and engaged. But it’s not a one-way street; her reward is the constant interaction with people from all walks of life.

“We’re busting the myths around care homes”

One of Balhousie Care Group’s favourite hashtags is #BustingtheMyths. Here, Home Manager Elaine explains that part of how she busts myths around care homes is by working closely with the local community.

“It’s like family. I know my residents inside out. You look after these people just like you would your own.”

Debbie, Clinical Lead Nurse


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