Celebrating Shrove Tuesday across BCG

You can’t beat a tasty pancake on #ShroveTuesday. Lots of our residents across Balhousie Care Group have been enjoying a pancake or two with lots of tasty toppings.

Here’s a gallery …


Antiquary pals tackle a jigsaw together

Balhousie Antiquary residents, Sandra and Beatrice, are great friends – proper besties. They work really well together, so-much-so that, with a bit of teamwork and a lot laughter, they can …


Ina at Monkbarns shares her favourite sayings

As Burns Night approaches, lots of our residents have been enjoying reciting lots of poems, sayings and rhymes.

Ina Jarvi, a resident at Balhousie Monkbarns in Arbroath, has been sharing some …


Words of wisdom from The Glens

Our residents have lots of life experience, so when they offer words of wisdom, we listen!

As a fun activity, the residents at Balhousie The Glens wrote down their advice for …


Antiquary are all smiles while exercising

Our energetic residents at Antiquary are always having fun and there’s so much laughter. This week, they mixed fun with some exercise while they tried out an exercise machine.

They gave …